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Busmans holiday

One question I am often asked by anglers on our fishing holidays is what type of fishing I like and what has been my best fish ever. To be honestsince a very young boy I have just liked fishing and it has never mattered to me how big or what it was just like a rod in my hand. I have been very lucky and fished in many countries and have had some very big fish, best fish ever was caught on our island Marathon in the Florida Keys. A stunning 13lb 7oz bonefish on my own wading the local flats fishing a live prawn. The fight was epic down to the last few feet of line more than once and after more than half an hour I won. Only regret all on my own no one else there and no camera just memories that will last a life time. It was this year during Kevin Whincup’s latest trip we were have this type of conversation and I mention it had been a long time since I had caught a tench. To slightly digress Kevins last trip was one of the highlights this year his son Chris landing of our first 200lb+ tarpon at 209lb was amazing to say the least. It has been so nice to get accurate weights of these fish this year by using the tables of the bonefish and tarpon trust weights are to the nearest 2 pounds. It has surprised many guides just how far off their guesstimates have been. Back to the tench Kevin runs a series of coarse fisheries near York and last week I was going to be near there with a free day so on the phone and a days fishing was sett up. Check out Kevins set up at  and if you go to any of the lakes I am sure you will not be disappointed Kevin runs these fisheries to a very high standard. After a substantial breakfast Kevin took me to the lakes and I chose one with a good head of big tench and it was not long after a bit of ground baiting the bubbles started to arrive. Then the slow movement of the float and distinctive take of the tench then FISH ON god these fish pull many long distant memories flooding back.

Well I had a cracking day tench, carp, rudd and roach just sitting there a watching a float again a joy I have missed for a long time. A bit different from putting 5lb baits on 22/0 hooks and being slammed into the transom by a near 500lb grouper or trying to convince a 1000lb shark all you want to do is take its picture. So if you ever find yourself near York and want some first class fishing get in touch with Kevin I am sure you will also have a good day, thanks again Kev.