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Busman’s holiday part 2

Its nice after over 50 fishing to find yet an other fishing discipline. Yes I am getting hooked on lure fishing for UK bass thanks to Henry and Cian over in Ireland. With only a few weeks left in the UK before our autumn trip back to the Florida Keys our annual hurricane break alwaysseems to go to quickly. So this morning in the cold wet dark of a Northumbrian morning I drag my self to my favorite bass mark. On arrival it was only 10 degrees but the rain had stopped but with my saying you don’t know till you go I trudged down to the beach. If it hadn’t been 30 miles from my house I would of come straight home huge north sea swell and water that looked like soup. So a few half hart ed chucks then I noticed some terns feeding about 200 yds down the beach. As we say in Florida they don’t dipped the water for fun they have to do it for a living. First chuck bangfish on what a surprise just goes to show you never know sometimes they forget to tell the fish conditions are bad.

The bass here are not big but they go well on light tackle and yes they are attracted by the warm water of a power station but why not fish where the fish are. Yes I did keep this one as blog readers know I love eating fish and this one was a perfect size to keep not an egg bearing double enough said. Whilst I am spoilt with eating fish in the Florida Keys the two fish I miss are the humble mackerel and a fresh bass. So do I put on the thermals and fire up the barbie or just pop this well prepared into the the hot part of the Agra, yes I am becoming to warm blooded.