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Greetings and 10 + 1

I like many people of my age like to pass of any cock ups as senior moments. Well I had a good one the other day, I also put it down to the extreme cold just getting back from the Florida Keys. Making my top ten list I actually wrote down eleven in fact after running fishing holidays for over seven years I have many more. Well number eleven started of deep in the gulf on a shallow water wreck. Normal fishing, grouper, cobia, jacks and the host of other fish we catch here then up the slick came a shark. Not unusual either but all in the boat went very quite this was a big shark, a very big shark, a we need a bigger boat shark ! I shouted any one want a go and with no hesitation Lee Jasper grabbed the big shark rod. After many years Lee has made the move from customer to good friend and is one of those guys I love to fish with. We were also very lucky to have fresh stingray as baits, a shark favorite. This fish turned and made straight to the bait and took very close to the boat, then fish on. We had no chance of stopping this fish so with over 300yds out and still running we had to follow for any chance. I love to tell customers when I know its very big ” dont worry the first hour sucks ” and this was going to hurt. Well the first hour came and went as did the second hour and this fish was not for giving up. In fact this fish was just towing my 23ft boat where ever it wanted to go and we were many miles from the hook up. I must give all my praise to Lee I think he said something like ” no fish has ever beaten me and this one isnt either “. After 2hrs 25 mins he was right and a 12ft+ hammerhead was by the boat. All local estimates put this fish in the region of 1200 lbs a true monster the scary part is it was taken in just 10ft of water. Lees effort has to right up there as maybe my number one fight, certainly the biggest fish we have had in the Florida Keys. Try as I did no one would get in to give a size comparison but if you get in touch a will let you speak to Lee.

Well an other year comes and goes and Helen and I would like to wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year to all our past, present and future customers at Fish The Dream fishing holidays.

PS I thought this might bring a smile, Christmas in the Florida Keys.

PPS Lee is the guy on my home page left hand side holding one of his many tarpon.