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Top five

Carrying on from my 100th blog here are my top five in no order except number one. First a stunning white marlin caught by Gerry from Gerrys of Morecambe. Gerry came out a few years ago and had a truly fantastic trip not only a good sailfish but our only white marlin. These fish are far from common in the Florida Keys and this one took a top water trolled bait. After a few jumps it went very deep and just stayed down. But with constant pressure from Gerry it gave up and came up for its photos. Gerry runs a top shop in Morecambe, an old school mail order operation and now a full on website go from my link and check him out.

Next what still might be our most attractive fish a young tiger shark. Being small all the spots are concentrated just an amazing fish. This one took a bait being fished from our kite which is normally set out for cobia and king mackerel. The take was explosive and then long hard runs but we were all shocked when at last we all saw the fish. Kite fishing works so well as the fish only sees the belly of the bait as the trace, leader and line are all held up out of the water by the kite. After the take and the line comes out of the line clip the fish has many feet of slack line which helps as well.

 A stunning sailfish was taken by Alan Keating one day trolling. What stands out about this fish sailfish had been on Alans wish list for some time. We were trolling in patch weed which can be a pain to say the least but the first cry ” weed again ” turn very quickly with the screaming drag to ” fish on ”  The jumps and tail walking display of a sailfish just have to be seen to be believed. Then the way the fish can light up its fins at the boat just amazing. Alan and his brother Tim have joined the group of people who have gone from customers to good friends and often coming twice a year.

Our monster permit was an other surreal day. Fishing on the offshore wrecks during the spawn we were having a very good day when a shoal of very big fish came into sight. In fact they were so big none of us thought that they were permit we only had crabs so one was thrown out to the fish. The only sad part of the day it was the smallest fish that turned and took the bait then all hell broke out. These wrecks are in just over 100ft and hooked permit just use all the water. That massive permit tail does the damage they just don’t give up ask Cian and his friends from this year. This near 50 lb fish just ripped the angler apart but went back fine to carry on its spawn, there were fish well over the record in that shoal.

I am often asked by anglers on our fishing holidays what is my best every fish. Well it is not even one I caught and my 13 lb 7 oz bonefish is up there at the top. But it has to be our encounter with a whale shark still gets the hairs on the neck standing. We were fishing on the pemit mark offshore when the cry went up from the other boats  ” shark shark ” This is not uncommon here as with the spawn come many shark and can end a days fishing but when we saw the size of the dorsal fin we knew that this was special. We got close and were meet with a very special sight. Its hard to put in words this fish was much bigger than my 23ft boat and in the crystal clear waters of the Florida Keys just of the charts. They can grow to over 40 ft and get to near 50,000 lb spending up to 70 years just slowly swimming and feeding mainly on plankton.

I hope this list has whetted your appetite, just stop dreaming and come on and Fish the Dream !