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Just how big can you go ?

I was talking to Capt Ron Mitchell last night about the upcoming season for him in the SKA and the new Snowbee rods when I was blown away with what he told me. He has been approached by Seven marine to re-power from his three, three hundreds to use their new 557 hp engines. Yes I did get that right 557 hp you can check the motors out at are awesome. Basically they are 6.2 litre Cadillac V8 and are all aluminium and are supercharged, just out of this world.

As you must have gathered from my blogs I was left numbed from my day out in the old 900 hp boat and yes I have been invited out in the new one if he re-powers.  Looking and listening to reports on the web they are not all just about they power and are very very smooth one guy said just like a freight train endless power. The only problem Capt Ron could see is that they have not been out long and he can not afford break downs but he is very, very tempted.