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Not a baby hammerhead

We have one shark out here in the Florida Keys called a bonnethead which often confuses new angler’s. It has a hammerhead type head but is not a baby hammerhead and only averages about 5 lb but as it says in my book a spunky little fighter. The wind is still blowing and we are having to find shelter and fish where we can at least we have a good forecast for the end of the week. We ended up over a small hole just yards offshore yesterday and found a load of bonnetheads.

At least in the Florida Keys we can do this and these fish pull way above their weight and put some smiles back on the guys faces in less than nice conditions. Yesterday we had a first in over eight years of running fishing holidays we have never had two fish on and one not even on the hook. The poor sand perch had snared itself above the hook and the grunt was on the jig strange things happen at sea. It was also a new shirt day at the moment the sun is brutal and with the strong winds pale UK skin burns in minutes. The best way is just to cover the skin and the new face buffs do the job very well. The one thing Johns guys have got it right is to enjoy what you can you cant change the weather but you can make the most of what you can do well done.