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Sharky smiles

At last at what has seemed for ever the winds are backing off yesterday plans were to see if we could get to our trout island. As it was still blowing near 20 and after a very wet night yes it does rain in the Florida Keys we tried to creep round the flats to get there. A few stops on the way on normally good trout areas but no luck but at last stop before the islands it was game on. We started off with big keeper snapper, trout , ladyfish and jacks just the tonic Johns guys needed. But as are luck would have it the tide died and then started to run against the wind not nice. We still were catching and the run to the island would not be pretty so tough it out then the big shark rod went off. After many years of doing fishing holidays I can call most shark well before we see them and this was behaving like a big nurse. They are not the most sporting shark but some like this one don’t read the rule book. At the side of the boat and I don’t know why I say it I said the stupid words : How abut getting it in for a group photo :  Well there is some thing in a big nurse sharks mind that says no and the battle starts. Well we won and that nice group photo with a 150 lb + shark will be a memory to last.

Fish kept coming and John had a very good trout on a live-bait so a plan did come together. Maybe best fish of the day was a sporty shark to of well over 30 lb on the light rod. We have always called these shark as reef sharks as I was told by a guide many years ago but after showing pictures to people who know about shark and a lot of web browsing they are in fact blacknose shark. Not sure why but as they get older they lose their black nose but what I do know on light tackle they go like stink and as one guy said they make are tope seem very tame.