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Backcounrty bliss

Still to windy to enjoy a day offshore so we have been having a blast backcountry in the thousands of square miles of Florida Bay. The one thing Johns party this week have got so right is to enjoy what you can and match the hatch with the catch. Some of the best trout fishing I have ever known and on the popping cork or jig action all the time. Mix into the mix the acrobatic ladyfish which is also known as the poor mans tarpon fun all day.

Snapper fishing backcountry also on fire plenty of good keeper fish to enjoy later in the day just so much fun watching anglers trying to get the hooks out and find out just why they are called snapper. Once those two fangs are in your fingers they just won’t let go I know many years ago I had one stuck on my face after giving it the Rex kiss good bye my wife laughed till it hurt. On the way back a couple of drifts over our favorite grouper wreck and a nice 100 lb + grouper for one of the guys who are planing a full day on the wreck today.