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What a day

Most days fishing in the Florida Keys are  good some are very good then you have days like yesterday just off the chart. I have been guiding now for over 8 years and fishing in the keys for over 12 and I like to think I am doing a good job but when a well seasoned angler on one of our fishing holidays tells you he has just had his best days fishing ever had it makes it all worth while. We had an early start you have to be first boat on these wrecks in the Gulf they only fish one boat and it is first come first gets it so it is always good after a long run not to see an other boat. With at last light winds and wind with tide it was game on two guys wanted a big grouper so are normal approach was sett up. I am still indebted to Jim Whippy who developed the Whippy walk dragging these monsters out of the wreck as normal pump and wind will just not work. Well two grouper over 200 lb and one very near 300 lb the day was going to plan and a very sporty one near 50 on a ledger rod.

The ledger rod went off again but this fish was screaming line and 50 lb braid just flying off the reel. No grouper and I call this one right again a very big and energetic stingray the runs these fish make are amazing. This fish tipped the scales near 75 lb every so often I keep just one for bait and one like this will keep me going in shark bait for a long time. It makes me laugh to see the sting ray barbs in some hammerhead as it is their favorite food by far and was the bait used to take our 1000lb + fish a few years ago. Next up was a nice cobia for Ian the take on the top was more like an explosion that a take just stunning. Towards the end of the day the boat was just surround by sporty shark fish up to 50 lb so many we were able to just freeline baits, as good as it gets. So after a long hot day back home with three very happy and very tired anglers who remember that day for a very long time.