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More smiles

If the amberjack is known as the wreck donkey its cousin the jack crevalle is know as the street fighter. This member of the jack family is responsible for many a smile for people on our fishing holidays. Not during the fight as they DON’T know the word game over but when the fight is over and the photos are being taken. During John Slater’s trip this fine 20 lb + fish was taken on the long rod and nearly spooled John with a first run over 250yds. The look on an anglers face as the spool is nearly emptied always brings a smile to my face as well. They just don’t do this back home is often the cry, well in the Florida Keys they do which is why you come is my reply.

The long rod is often a good method as big fish will often hang back then dart in to take a fish on the edge of the chum. I use a strong live bait blue runner being my favorite and sett in very shallow 1 to 2 ft a bit like a kite bait. Stinger rig with a small treble and drag sett to hook the fish but allow a long run. Rod is then put in a rod holder and left till the screaming drag lets you know its fish on the rod holder is a very fisher person and does just what its told.