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Tough day

Not only does it rain in the Florida Keys, we had 2.1 in yesterday but it blows as well today the forecast was 25 to 35 mph but at Fish the Dream we have the boat to fish on bad days. So the plan was to tough it out and go down to 7 mile bridge and fish the channels between the flats the cat just powers through the 4 to 5 ft seas. On arrival we only had 1 to 2 seas and soon found fish near the brige piles in fact some of the best snapper we have had this year. One fun thing happened today a small exhausted warbler stopped on the boat for a rest and first sat on the engine cover then a cool box and after half an hour had gained enough energy to carry on.

After fun at the bridge we went to a deep hole near the island which for some reason is the home of bonnethead shark. Yet an other fish that pulls well over its weight in the Florida Keys and if you match the hatch fun on a bad day. The fact that on a Sunday we only saw a few other boats and none fishing shows just how good our boat is. I go to most boat shows in Florida and I still have to see a boat that comes close to my Pro Kat so much room and so happy in all seas and it just feels so safe. Many guys on fishing holidays have their own boats and in bad seas like today always say  the ride is just amazing, one decision I think I got right, my boat.