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Tarpon time

As I sit here in Northumberland watching an other light flurry of snow I am packing the bags for my trip back to the Florida Keys for the start of Fish the Dreams 9 th tarpon season. These fish to many people sum up the Florida Keys and an over 100 lb tarpon to the boat ticks so many boxes. In fact when surveys have been done the tarpon is right up there as the top game fish in the world, they are big we have had them over 200 lb, they jump, run like nothing else, and can be very hard to keep on the line. Maybe that is why we all love and hate the silver king but once you have contracted tatponitis there is no known cure, you just have to take the medicine every year. Tarpon facts still blow my mind, they are prehistoric and have been around for over 100 million years, living for over 45 years and start spawning at 10 years old. Large females can produce over 12 million eggs and spawn in shore and offshore during there migration thus spreading their young over a massive area. Some days at the bridges the sight of hundreds and maybe thousands of fish just leaves you speechless and numb. We have more than once seen endless shoals offshore just a sight that we stay with you for ever. I was recently given a photo of just what is under you at the bridges wall to wall and top to bottom fish just staggering.




Above also two cracking photos one by me and one by my friend Henry Gilbey try as I might I will never be in the same class as young Henry but its fun trying. So what will happen this year, a bigger fish than 209 lb not sure, a longer fight than 3 hrs 40 mins maybe not but what I am sure about there will be smiles and tears but then that is tarpon fishing bring it on!