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Offshore gold

At last after what seems ages we were able to go deep offshore in search of one of our favorite fish the dorado. This fish is also called mahi mahi but known locally as dolphin fish this always causes much fun at local restaurant’s when first timers to the Florida Keys see local dolphin on the menu. The colours on a fresh out of the water fish are just amazing you have to see one as no photo ever does this fish any justice. We only found fish in some 600 ft of water nearly 20 miles off shore but when the lines pull out of the clips and the shout fish on it does not get any better. You can see how it got its Spanish name dorado some fish even have gold spots on their sides.

What an amazing short life these fish have they only live to 3 to 4 years old and grow like no other fish in the world. At a local university they recently found a 39 lb fish was not yet a year old. They even reach maturity at 3 months old and can spawn up yo three times a year having up to 1 million eggs. Don’t you all wish that our UK bass had even half of these numbers they still have a size limit and a bag limit. My best comet by an angler on a fishing holiday was you have screwed my fly fishing back home for ever seeing 20 + fish of all colours cashing my fly will stick in my mind for ever.