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The “A” Team act 2

As I said in the last blog its good when a plan comes together and we did it again. We are lucky at Fish the Dream to have a boat that can do it all as they say. This week the boat has been on flats less than 2 feet, edge of the reef in 90ft and we were going deep into the Atlantic wrecking. Mother nature had other ideas but a new wreck in 220ft and despite 15+ mph winds the call was just true strong. Nearing the wreck the seas were 4ft to 6ft and the odd 7ft we had a talk but still decided to keep going.

The local word had been big amberjack so no light gear here. 80lb rods and 80lb braid drags sett heavy 50lb is not uncommon, these fish have the local nickname wreck donkeys. On arriving at our new numbers it was changeling to save the least our boat has deep gunnels and we needed them here. The wreck was showing lots of fish but ones never knows what they are or if they are going to feed. The first drift and we were doing 2.5 mph in the wind a few taps for Martin then bang!  Rod well bent and the reef donkey did not want to come up. Some time and nearly half a mile later the fish was in the boat, a prime 30lb amberjack so now one for Brian. Next few drifts hard to get it right in the worsening seas so one last drift. Two little taps then two fish on, Martins was fighting a lot harder than his 30lb one. Lots of grunts and groans, Brians fish in the boat, nice 28lb but Martins was having none of it. Then nearing the boat the hook pulled proving why they call it fishing not catching.

The weather was not getting any better so we decided to get into more freindly water and as Arny said “we will be back”. It was a long hard choice on which boat to get to give the complete Florida Keys fishing holiday experience and after ruuning holidays for over 7 years I still think i made the right one. While this week we did not do any offshore trolling or kite fishing it was more about new marks but with our boat we can.  The radar is the only way to do long hard runs at night and wakeing to a tropical sunrise 30 miles offshore on the tuna grounds amazing.