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What a kipper !

There are some days in the Florida Keys that turn into very special days in fact a day of a lifetime, yesterday was one of those days. It started as a normal tarpon day 4 am start and down to 7 mile bridge and fish our favorite channel. No fish so we moved to fish the bank near the bridge with the chance of permit as well but no joy either. As it was getting light we went back to the bridge and fished near an other boat just in case he had seen fish. Soon we saw a tarpon role so we were all just waiting then Geoff’s ballon started to move to the left, winding like a mad man a fish was soon on. Unlike most tarpon this fish did not jump but was very strong so we followed then a massive tarpon jumped and it was Geoff’s wow. It was very good to us and started to go with the tide into the Atlantic and not hang around the bridge. So started a long hard fight I was having to follow at about 1.5 miles an hour there was nothing Geoff could do. Well the first hour came and went as did the second hour and the fish was still jumping just so much power. The third hour also came and went and it was still jumping, the bridge was a long way away. Just incredible I have never seen a tarpon like this its back was as big as a horse we were all just shaking our heads. Well after 3 hrs 20 mins we had it on the leader three times I had it to the boat but it was such a big fish as we tried to get to the tape measure the leader broke.

I must say I have never seen anyone fight a big fish as well as Geoff did at the end he was wrecked but the smile said it all. So how big was it well any fish that fights for over 3 hrs is very big we ended up 4.97 miles from the hook up. Last year we had a 80 x 44 in fish which went 209 lbs this was at least as big as that one and might have even been bigger. But it was one very, very special fish and a day of a life time.