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Winter favourites

We are now taking bookings very fast for autumn and winter fishing holidays. Maybe it has been the very poor summer or just more people just like the variety of fish and fishing we have in the Florida Keys. Two fish I personally look forwards to at this time of year are sailfish and blackfin tuna. The sailfish has to be one of the most colourful fish in the sea and no picture or video even comes close to a fish at boat side. Just how they light up their fins is amazing but a sight every angler needs to see at least once. Most are taken trolling but we have sight casting live bait and even had them on the kite. However you take them they always put on a show you will remember for a very long time, tailwalking is a phrase made for sailfish. Our tuna fishing has changed a lot in recent years now it is not just dragging bait in the normal trolling spread.

Turning up at the tuna grounds at sunrise is still a very special experience first the sun gets stuck with a classic fish tale sunrise then the first bird then the first tuna then the first fish on cry. More and more boats are now not trolling at all and the butterfly jig is taking over allowing you to find the fish that never come to the surface. Hard work it might be but when the rod goes solid at 90 ft in 500 ft it is all worth it. Tuna never never give up even at boatside the rod is still nodding as the fish still swims in circles with a power it is hard to describe. While all sailfish are released with care and we swim them till they have recovered I make no apologies to the fact we take a few tuna for the table. We have even had people on fishing holidays who dont like fish but the taste of fresh tuna just seared on the barbie has changed their minds.