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Next generation ?

Sorry about the lack of blogs thank our wonderful BT.  Last Thursday my broadband went down and it was shock and horror when the lady in down town Delhi told me it would be next Tuesday when they could get some one out to do repairs. It did not help becoming Mr Angry and telling her that I would change providers unless they could get some one out before that. It is now the case that Open Reach do all the repairs and connections for all UK internet companies so even if I changed companies the new connection would not be till Tuesday, short and curly’s or what. Strange that when we have problems in the Florida Keys a small chain of Islands of the coast of Florida we have it fixed that day or next at the latest and we have a choice as well.

Back here in the UK for our hurricane and summer break it was great to have my daughter and grandson stay last weekend.  My dad did not fish and my only son did come out a few times but it was not his thing so it has been a great joy that both my grand sons seem to like fishing.  Last tear I even got them out in a boat and we had a blast with the mackerel now there is a fish designed for kids fishing but this trip far to windy for mackerel so just as I have to do on our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys plan B. This was a small local lake that is near a holiday complex that they stock with trout and you can bait fish.


Well plan B worked very well and as the school holidays have just started they have just stocked the lake and as you all know farmed trout are not the smartest fish that swims and in less than an hour and a half he had 10 nice fish. In fact it was a fantastic trip for me as well, yes I love my Florida Keys fishing screaming drags 100 lb fish air born the grunt and grown of guys dragging near 500 lb grouper.  The sight of a bright float slowly slipping under the water then the excited voice of your grandson shouting ”  I have got an other one  ”  just very hard to beat. Well we all had one for tea and they tasted very good indeed or was it the fact the next generation had caught them that changed the flavour