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New tarpon regs

The 2013 tarpon season in the Florida Keys will go down as one of the best for many years not just in numbers but in average size as well. I know it always seems hard on the other guys on the fishing holiday when one person is on a long fight but most of my regulars are always happy just to watch and enjoy. More than once the sheer power of near 200 lb fish has meant the rod has been shared with the other anglers. With the increased numbers of tarpon this year it was possible to move away from the bridges and fish the banks where the problems in the first stages of the fight are a lot less. I am sure some of the fish we get know every trick in the book to get off and this is sometimes happening in the dark with a strong tide fun it might be but all to often in ends in tears.


For 2014 the tarpon fishing regs have changed it is nice to fish in apart of the world where fishing rules change on a regular basis not just for the sake of fish numbers but the way sport fishing is going down the catch and release route as well. To see and read all the changes go to then look at new tarpon regs, the one that will change the way we fish is the ones with regards possession of a fish or taking a fish out of the water. Unless you are going for a IGFA record which in now 243 lb and have all the tags and paper work all fish over 40 in must remain in the water. Sorry guys I would never kill a big near 50 year old tarpon so on Fish the Dreams boat this will never happen. All big fish that in the past we have taken out I swim with a moving boat till they have full recovered which I know is even more important than just getting them back quickly.


With the fantastic season we had in last year 2014 is booking up very fast I am sure there are many anglers out there that a 100 lb + tarpon is on their bucket list so please get in touch as soon as you can. We will be as we have for many years fully booked in April and May the time when these prehistoric fish migrate in their thousands through the Florida Keys. So as they say when its gone its gone and all I left to say is sorry try next year.