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Well done Hugh

It is very refreshing to realize that one man can make a difference. After watching the latest program in the Hugh’ fish fight to find out that with the passion of Hugh and the support of nearly three quarters of a million people things are changing. Many years ago I was involved with the wholesale fish markets and it saddened me to hear stories of boats that caught their quota early fished on and if they caught better fish just dumped  the first fish and landed the better ones. Fingers crossed this fight goes on the way it is heading and well done Hugh. One of the very pleasing things to come out of Hugh’ campaign is that of getting people to try other fish to eat and the success of the mackerel bab. As most people know I have a passion of eating fish and with a base record of 55 species caught in just 6 days plenty to chose from. We are very lucky in the Florida Keys with mackerel having king, cero and spanish to target all are very tasty raw, cooked or smoked. All are serious predators and take fly, lure and bait with such power it is hard to describe. My top is to see a large king mackerel nail a live bait fished on the kite it does not get any better. This year we had a fantastic season with the kings top crew were my boys from Jersey they had a stunning week with the mackerel. These fish and the cero and spanish will start to appear as the water cools of and I still have a couple of dates left this year so if you want to change the waterproof thermals for some fun get in touch. There is so much more to the Florida Keys than just tarpon come on over and have some fun in the sun.