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John’s roundup part two

Before I start this blog I have to tell a very sad story about John’s week poor Derek lost his case and as I do this blog the case is still missing. Let this be a warning to all anglers on fishing holidays what you check in you might never see again if you have anything that is very special or expensive best to put it in carry on but be warned there are airlines who do not like line on reels check first. You should also have a very secure label on your bag with your home address and have it also inside the bag as well but as they say shit happens and in Derek’s mind I think his first 100 lb + tarpon made up for the case. On the last few days we did have an incident that might surprise a lot of you, on a bank in Florida bay a very large rabbit fish came up the chum slick. These fish get their names from an incredible sett of near rodent teeth that can even like parrot fish cut wire. The two rods sett up with wire had smallish circle hooks from some sharking we had just done but no matter what bait we tried or method we tried this fish would not stick. As they all wanted this fish to add to a very long species list I removed the circle and tied a J hook first run back fish on and what a strange fish a member of the puffer family. This goes to prove that there are some fish with mouths that a circle hook will just not work so if you are having trouble using them try the good old J hook.


That rabbit fish


Stunning mackerel good fun, bait and food !


John’s goodbye gift from the Florida Keys

It was more than fitting the last fish of the holiday was hooked and landed by John the organizer a near 100 lb shark I know what a job this can be. At breakfast on the last day next years trip was planned and booked and I can say I am looking forwards to their trip as much as they are.