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Monster of the deep !

First I must say it is great to have Paul and Carol back not sure how many times over the years they have been but last year they were chasing things in the far east but the lure of the Florida Keys has them back again.  What a mental first few days too much to get in one blog so an extra blog this week and lots of videos.  Day one was in the bay where at this time of year the mackerel are so much fun but we were plagued by snapper on our first stop but moved to a wreck where in short time Paul was connected to a goliath grouper but this time the fish won.  However Paul soon made up with a near 200 lb lemon shark which to say gave us a right run around but when you are connected to Paul it only ends one way.  Day two was one of those forecast that tempts you wind lying down then a calm afternoon, well to me that means one thing tuna and silky shark.  So off we go and wait out the for the calm on the reef having fun on a coral head in 40 ft of water, a stunning spanish hogfish for Carol mackerel and grouper for Paul then head south.




Well not to be this time wind had gone but had left a 4 ft swell not nice when you have over 20 miles to go and with the boat speed down to just 20 we called the tuna off and went deep water wrecking in stead. What happened next sums up the Florida Keys to me, all anglers a bit down so the fish gods put a smile back on our faces.  Paul had a small mutton snapper then the next fish turns into an unstoppable fish yes the big men in grey coats are here so big shark rod down.  What happened next even after two days still very surreal,  soon we had a fish on and it was giving a very good account of its self but Paul was, with a bit of give and take winning then bang and fish off but still a heavy weight on strange. When Paul reeled in we all went into shock he had been connected not to a shark but a massive amber jack, they go over 80 lb here then on the way back something VERY AND I MEAN VERY big just bite it off only in the Florida Keys.