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Weather gods again

Well it had to happen John’s week started just to good and we had  a right good spanking from the gods for the last few day of his Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys but as I have said many times before one of the many pluses of a trip out here we can find some where to fish and fish on even the poorest day.  We have found some new marks in the many channels that run north to south north of Bahia Honda and some of these go as deep as 20 ft nearly twice the depth of the average in Florida Bay but some run just feet away from banks of less than 1 ft.  The resulting shelter always seems strange to fish in near 30 mph winds and some 15 miles into Florida Bay but waves less than 1 ft but it works and some very and I mean big fish live in these channels.  Take the other day we were having a reasonable day in said channel good mixed fishing macs, ladyfish, snapper and shark when I just had this feeling there might be something big under the boat so over went the grouper rod and straight away Dereck yes lucky Dereck as the boys now call him was into a fish.  This was no monster and Dereck soon had it all under control but as he had this I would say about 40 lb fish near the boat we had a  O M G  moment the water under Dereck fish went very dark as a monster maybe pushing 500 lb + came up from the bottom to have a look at Dereck’s fish.  Well true to say the whole crew went very quiet with a  ” did you see the size of that ” I know of one guy who comes in May who just might spend a day or two there.





Well the annoying wind turned for the last day a bit more to the south which made even these channels unfishable so we had to tuck in close to the island in the north shore to get any shelter which we found in my tarpon hole.  We found this a few years ago after having to hug the coast on a run to the tarpon when from no where the water dropped from 6 ft to 14 ft a hole about  50 yds across.  Now anywhere in Florida Bay that sort of depth change means fish and this hole always seem to produce and on John’s last day it was full of pompano.  Now these little fish a cousin of are beloved permit while they do no grow to the same size fight just as hard and on the dinner plate right up there near the top.




Have to say just how much Capt Mike and myself enjoyed fishing with  John, Ian, and Dereck way to much fun and despite for John’s first time in his many trips nothing big to his near 500 lb standard we all had fantastic time and they are all already booking next years trip see you soon.