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The cuda wreck

The longer I spend in the Florida Keys the more I seem to be accepted by the local guides I have always tried to give accurate information and the more I give the more I am given back.  A few years ago one local young guide said  ”  Hey Rodney you like those big  goliath grouper come over to my boat and I will give you some new numbers  ”  so off I went and came back with three new cool wrecks.  While the locals don’t seem to like goliath we all do so at the first opportunity off we went and all have goliath  no surprise there but one always has barracuda.  Why I am not sure but on nearly every trip as soon as we put the pick down over come the cuda, not just one or two but we have seen shoals of up to thirty fish they the come over and take up station right under the boat.  While it looks like you should bag up they are very difficult to catch and can take a lot of effort they all like to chase lures but turn away at the last moment.




We do however catch a few and I have to say thanks to a Jersey angler  Simon Habin for finding their weak spot the old Cuda  Tube and the greenest you can buy seems to do the Job.  The one very cool thing they all do is jump high and often we have lost more than one when the do this but it always makes the anglers more determined to catch one.  So why are there just on this one wreck and not others and why are they so hard to catch not sure,  we have tried all lures and live baits but they just don’t want to play.  They once drove and angler to say next time I will bring a spear gun, not on my boat rods only, we have had them to over 30 lbs but have seen much bigger have a good look at the last video to see what the word frustration means !