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Tarpon time plus

Well it’s that time of year the old dinosaurs fish make their way through the Florida Keys on migration and the spawning run as they have done for over 200 million years still blows me away and always will. This year there have been two changes, one the fish have been concentrated at Bahia Honda bridge and much fewer fish at our home bridge 7 mile so a longer run but you can fish for them all day and there is the State Cafe we can tie up outside. The other is the guys who have already had a 100 lb tarpon seem to want now to fish for other fish and are not so up for the 3 am starts.  The major problem is at Bahia Hona a  lot more concrete and the home of very hungry shark, in fact this has been the first year we have ever seen 1000 lb + shark killing tarpon and just leaving them. The other day with Lee and the boys we had a float plan to tarpon till the bite or tided slowed then as we had the best hammerhead bait,  stingray, fish for shark so off we went.





Soon the cry was  ”  tarpon on  ”  now the norm at Bahia Honda is then  ” tarpon off  ” but as the tide was slow when this fish went between the concrete mid bridge I decided to give chase and in over 10 years of doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys a first for me.  Yes all the crew thought I was mad but by doing this with just inches to spare we unwrapped the fish and soon had a 150 lb + tarpon to the boat one for one as they say.  Next tarpon had not read the Bahia Honda book and just went straight out to sea so after a fairly long fight we had this one to the boat as well so two for two good anywhere but at Bahia Honda unheard off.  After a shore breakfast, so cool to take the boat to a cafe it was shark mode and see if we could find the puppy that nailed one of our fish last week.  Soon it was fish on and newbie Ben was getting the full Fish the Dream treatment the pain of a big shark and after nearly an hour not the 1000 lb one but I would give this fish a solid 500 lb just look at the tail he is holding.