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Rodney’s first two days

Well its that surreal time of the year again my friend Rodney Rigby is back again, second trip in 12 months this place just gets under your skin.  It is fun on the boat every time Rodney’s friend George says Rodney we both spin round I say every time just call me skip and Rodney, Rodney but never seems to work.  Well should be a bit more relaxed both have asked for small and jumpy so big rods are being left at home sods law big and I mean big shark at first wreck but no takers I have guys who would die for the shark we had yesterday but at Fish the Dream fishing holidays in the Florida Keys the anglers call the shots.  Still a fun day wrecking Rodney had the royal run around with a sting ray and a fine cobia just big enough to keep and my wife curried me some last night fantastic.  Laugh of the day was poor George who tried his heart out for one of the big barracuda  then one late in the day took the cuda tube only to run straight into the main line and was off not before doing one final jump to show us all the lure in its mouth.




Had a strange day yesterday on the tuna grounds a fair run out then when we got there no current strange for 26 miles out just about 1.5 mph less than half of the normal run and as they say no run no fun.  We had just one tuna a big skipjack a fantastic fight but no good on the barbie.  So quick stop on a offshore wreck on the way home to put smiles back on faces  Rodney started off we a massive horse eye jack and on a light jig and in 112 ft water a battle for anyone.  Then George joined the party and took care of the dinner order two fine yellow tail snapper as good as it gets on the plate.  Still having fun with the Go Pro had a mass of snapper behind the boat put the camera on a float and sent it back through the fish very cool vid.