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A change and taste of things to come ?

Just back in from the Northumberland paddy fields after digging potatoes for dinner. It has been raining for 36 hours now and its still raining also this morning a stunning 10 degrees on the trip to get the Sunday paper. Whats happened to this global warming or is is now climate change. Maybe call me an old sceptic but a few years ago we had the coldest weather in the Florida Keys for 33 years and massive fish kills as temps dropped into the 30s and 40s for 10 days. But then again this year we had a very hot spring and the tarpon were nearly a month early as sea temps seem to control migration. Back here its all happening in the SW talking to Russell Weston from Snowbee [ check out their website as they are going into sea fishing bid style  ] a tuna was speared in the area a few weeks ago. It appears the gulf stream has move closer to the SW  and with it bring the tunas. The only problem appears to be confusion of the legality for targeting tuna as it appears the UK has no quota. Hope this is sorted out soon as tuna fishing can be fantastic. Back in the Florida Keys we have an awesome tuna fishery and yes we need the weather but when they are on fire not much else comes close.

Top of our tunas are the blackfin pound for pound on the right tackle these fish will pull your arms off. Years ago it was all trolling and as is the case when trolling when its on it is fantastic but boring when its not. We had a trip on the main tuna grounds the humps some 25 miles offshore when we could not get four lines in there were so many tuna. After just a few hours we were on our way back with very tired anglers thinking about sushi and the barbie. My wife Helen just frightens tuna on a very hot barbie and until you have had seared tuna less than 2hrs old you have not had seafood. The bonus with tuna is that is ok to do a bad fillet as the meat left on the bone is top sushi. Talking about sushi had my first North Sea mackerel sushi the other day what a surprise excellent try some you will be surprised. Tuna fishing has moved on in recent years and with tuna being on a lot of peoples wish list on fishing holidays it is nice not having to troll. Butterfly jigging now probably takes more tuna than trolling and is great fun and now with the depth finding lines a lot easier to put the whole boat on fish.