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Katherine the great ( white shark )

I forgot to mention on my last blog for all you sharkalholics that the Florida Keys has recently had a ” swim by ” from a radio tagged great white shark.  Katherine as the reasearch team called her was caught and tagged last year on August the 19 th near Cape Cod on the north-east sea board of the US.  She came in at a very impressive 14 ft and a weight of 2200 lbs and soon after tagging started a very impressive swim south, what I found amusing that the week Lee who has our big fish record and was once again out with us she decided to come to Marathon and swam the closest to the Keys.  Just the trip as she went round Key West was nearly 2000 miles since tagging as she has now gone north and is in the Gulf of Mexico near Florida’s panhandle just amazing.




Today I start my rounds of busman’s holiday’s and again my first is with Lee after my beloved tench, yes I know all year-long I do big and mean but the sight of tench bubbles and the float just sliding away is the perfect wind down after a mad year in the Florida Keys.  Lee’s last week in the Keys was just epic as I have blogged for the last few weeks and it will be strange to see him not sweating with a big fish and one of his reels just screaming drag, fingers crossed.  Then it is on for a day at sea with Martin my oldest and best friend for over 50 years. We are going to target bream and bass on very light tackle both old favorites of mine and bring back memories of when Martin and I would cycle 20 miles to Brighton row out 3 miles then bream fish row back and cycle home mad or what.