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Take a kid fishing


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I came across this a few weeks ago on Facebook and it got me thinking are we as anglers missing a bit of the big picture.  Yes its good to worry about fish stocks, size limits, commercial fishing and all our other concerns about sports fishing but what about the next generation ?  Next time you are out have a look around just how many youngsters are fishing now,  today I am sorry to say its I this and I that, game boys and xbox,  yes I am old and grumpy but the solution is in our own hands.  Most young boys and girls are willing to give it a go all they need is a helping hand, but there are two golden rules to taking kids fishing.  One and the most important they must catch fish, no matter what they are or how big they are but they must catch.  At this time of year mackerel do it for me but perch or even minnows will get the fishing bug started.

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I have to say a massive thanks to my local skipper David Thomson who works the charter boat ” On a Promise ”  out of Berwick-upon-Tweed  contact 01289 302749  07767 484172  for taking me my daughter and my grandsons out mackerel fishing the other night.  Rule number two dont fish yourself give all your attention to the kids trying to make rule one come true, in all fairness the other night I could not keep up.  Yes we took some fish home and yes we put many back you are never to young to learn conservation and the fun we had cooking and eating fresh fish and chips will make me smile for a long time.  Now all I have to do is get my grandsons  Ben age 10 and Daniel 9 out to the Florida Keys to show them what real fishing is all about.

So there you have it the future of fishing is in your hands do you have a day or half day to bring on the next generation ?