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Beware !

Sorry about the lack of blogs this time we have those kind guys at Microsoft to thank.  After their many pop ups and pressure from all around I gave up and did the free upgrade to Windows 10 well I have to say for a few days I was impressed and my old lap top was working great and for the first time in ages very fast indeed.  All was fine or a few days then for no reason it failed to start but with the help of Fish the Dreams tech support  (  Capt Mike ) I was up and running again.  However Capt Mike was worried and he backed up all my files on an external hard drive and boy was I a lucky bunny as the next day it crashed again this time Capt Mike decided to wipe it and take it back to complete reset.  Fine again but a pain to reload all my files ect but we were back running again then guess what down again and this time it would no longer allow a reset.  Many long calls to Microsoft who said I would need to get soft ware to take it back to pre Windows 10 so many days offline and all for nothing. I am on a short break back to UK so I decided just to get a new lap top and with all the Easter deals I think I have got what I want and most important back on-line and blogging again.




Interesting last few days with the Jersey boys and did we break a State record, in all the years of doing Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys we have only come close to record once this was a very heavy and pregnant blacktip shark.  Both myself and the angler were not going to kill said fish which you still have to do to claim a record which still seems wrong but it is what you have to do to get the record both of us being more than happy to see the fish swim away and pup. The fish the Jersey boys caught was a blue runner a fish we use mostly for bait but they pull way above their weight and we once had a fly angler who was just trashed by blue runners in the near 2 lb bracket more fun then he had ever had on a fly rod.  It was Chris who had the big one unfortunately I was in my shut down mode due to my heavy heart attack meds I go into shut down and just have to sleep a pain but I have to.  So photos were taken and the fish put back again thanks to Capt Mike and he also took the very moody shot of Rob just at the start of our epic day on the tuna grounds.  Back to the huge blue runner state record is 8 lb 5 oz was this bigger was it a record we will never know you will just have to come back and catch it again, great to fish with you guys yet again and as to Rob  ” I don’t want to big ” enough said.