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SKA the boats

Last weekend seems like a dream but yes I was there and yes I was doing over 62 mph in a fishing boat and yes I caught a near 40 lb king mackerel. The way the guys put on the whole show was just of the charts and a whole new meaning to professional fishing. The one thing however to me was the boats. I love my fishing and hope I always will but my next love is boats. Ever since my early days as a sea scout and the smell yes smell of my first new boat, boats have got under my skin. The days of trying to get my 10 ft boat on the top of my friends anglia car seem a long way away from the guys at the SKA but at the time were just as good. The love hate and more hate affair with my first engine a good old seagull to the fly by wire three three hundreds are a long way apart but they say you have to start somewhere. The one photo I am proud off is the one below of the race back to the scales we were both doing over 60 mph so not the best conditions and I dont have a mega camara but hope you get the feel of the speed awsome !

Yesterday we were lucky enough to get to the tuna grounds and had fun in the bay the day before will blog tomorrow. Keep a check on the SKA and Snowbees team Bandit all year and watch their live video streams at