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Back for the mac

Well this time next week I will, after what seems a long summer break , I will be back  doing my normal day job of giving Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys.  After fishing the Keys for over 15 years we start our 11 th season of doing  custom fishing holidays and as we have a party coming for their 10 th trip maybe we are doing something right.  One of my personal favourites of the autumn and winter fish is the trio of Florida mackerel the Spanish, the Cero and the King.  Apart from jumping out of the water they all seem to tick all the boxes of the traveling angler.  All are very free taking, around sometimes in massive shoals and what ever floats your boat as a method they will take.  Live baiting tends to pick out the bigger ones of all species, the speed of a near 50 lb king hitting a live bait just has to be experienced.  Then that first run, the line just peeling of the drag the look on the anglers face as if to say when or if it will stop always makes me laugh.



The other big bonus with all our mackerel is they are a top bait, whole or flapper for the shark which are never far behind and cut or strip for nearly all our other fish.  On again an other personal note yet an other bonus they are top tucker, yes I love my fish and during the season very few weeks go by without mackerel being on my menu.  In fact a few years ago with the start of the sushi crazy we had ago and I have to say fresh cero mackerel is right up there with tuna.




So as I start my 60 th year on this planet the last ten years has gone way to fast it seem like yesterday I was having my 50 th in the Keys,  in fact some one pointed out ten years is as long as I have ever done one job but every smile on every anglers face has made the best ten years of my life so roll on the next ten.