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Back again

I have to consider myself a very lucky guy firstly I have got to 60 secondly I run Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys and thirdly I have caught a lot of big fish all over the world.  However my biggest kick I get is that email on a dark morning when I do most of my computer work that starts   ” Can we come back again ”  Guiding is a lot harder than people think so much can go wrong and does and on a boat in the Florida Keys four guys and a load of fish can be fun and frantic.  However when I get that  email as I did from Keith Moore could he come back again it is all worth it so this week Keith, Steve and Michel are back again and doing what they like doing and I like seeing bending rods and screaming drags more than twice so far this week I have had very worried anglers looking at me and letting me know  ”  I think I am running out of line ”




Three out standing fish so far this week a 28 lb cobia for Steve a 14 lb african pompano for Keith and a 13 lb king mackerel for Michel could not have worked out better and the mackerel and pompano both taken on the lightest rod on the boat which I had made my self.  It all ways seems to work so well when how shall I put the slightly older angler gets a big fish on a light rod they just have soft hands and play the fish not fight it.  Bay still stuffed with big spinner and black tip shark and yesterday we found our selves  in a mess of blacknose shark up to 30 lbs options move or just scale down and enjoy.  So for these tope like fish we just enjoyed and had 26 so some very tired anglers on the way home but the smiles said it all.  Second video this week just shows how many shark we have it the bay at the moment when the remora leave their shark hosts and come for the free food from the chum bag.