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What you see is what you get

I have to say sorry about the content of my blogs it took a good friend of nearly 50 years to point out that sometimes I make a few errors in my blogs. In my defence I normally blog between 5 and 6 in the morning before we go out fishing or I start on the many jobs I have to do running the boat and house here in the US.  At school English was not my strong point and still remember the report that went with my failed English O level ” Rodney’s problem is a vast vocabulary of which he cannot spell or put the words in order”  After a few attempts I just got an O level, sorry about the word content of my blogs. The photos I am certainly no Henry Gilbey and if you take into account I have just helped to get the fish in and do not have a good camera its the best I can do. I am trying a new camera out after Christmas so fingers crossed.  What I do is put my guests on fish, lots of fish and very big fish and I take massive pride in doing it well. With over 80% repeat bookings and some guests now on their 10th trip I must be doing something right. It was great pride I took the compliment from Cian this spring that what I said we would catch at our  breakfast meeting we went out and caught. Take the last day with Ian and his party they had ask for a trip to catch Goliath grouper so of we went.  Far from ideal conditions the wind from the north and tide running to the east putting the pick down took time but I got it right in the end.

Five Goliath over 100lbs and the biggest for Kevin I said at the time over 300lb.  After showing the photo to local guides they all said over 400lbs just look at the size of the  pectoral fin and its head is bigger than Kevin. So job done again you will all just have to put up with the blog and leave me to find the fish.