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First time smiles

After doing fishing holidays for now over 7 years one tends to forget what a special place the Florida Keys are. On your first trip it does come as a bit of a shock I can remember mime now over 12 years ago. Now with over 80% of our customers being repeats it is so nice to get a few first timers that was the case last week. Tony and Gerry arrived with less than perfect weather but the nice thing about the Florida Keys we can still fish in less than perfect. In just 5 days fishing we caught 31 species with shark to nearly 200lb grouper to 50lb and a host of new PBs. I like this time of year as our autumn fish appear as the water cools off and with sea temps dropping to the high 70’s the waves of mackerel start to show.

To say these fish hit hard is an understatement I just kept hearing, did you see that and wow I don’t believe it. Fish after fish once you have attracted the macs to the boat it becomes insane. Along with the macs come the shark and on one day things started to slow a bit and this normally means the men in the gray coats have arrived. Well at this point you have two choices fish for shark or move on one day Tony had probably the biggest blacktip we have ever had well over 120lb in fact he had to help me bring it in.

We still have a lot of summer fish around and one of my top summer fish is the spotted sea trout you can see how the founding farthers must have got this one wrong. It is a free feeding fish and if you scale down as fun as they get. Well Tony and Gerrys week just wetted their appetite for the Florida Keys and with hand shakes and smiles and talk of just have to save for the next trip it was sad goodbyes.