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Harry’s week

There is a lot going on in the angling press over here at the moment with projects to get children fishing and loads of adverts saying  ”  Fish boxes not X boxes  ”  and I must say one of my personal highs from last week was watching young Harry Keating fishing.  At just 15 he did a fantastic job on some very large fish and just loved his shark but was just as happy with all the small stuff as I have said before once you lose the enjoyment of small fish you have lost a lot.  The weather gods were far from kind and on their last day they all had to take a record Febuary low at just 45 degrees with a 20 + mph wind and the boat doing nearly 30 mph god knows what the wind chill was but we still found feeding fish.  So with a hammerhead shark under his belt and some cracking fish I feel safe to say Harry has caught the dreaded Keysitis which can only be cured by regular Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys what a shame.







No update on last weeks tagged shark the boffins are off all week tagging sawfish what a dream job but I have some one to talk to Monday so I will post next week all the info on that 7 ft 6 in lemon shark.  Also if we can work out a way the most amazing video of the fish of the week a near 400 lb goliath grouper that had Alan making some very strange noises. It was the trick again of using a small shark as bait I know some people are not happy about me doing this but it is legal and most times we even can use the bait again and if you fish over here small shark are not what you would call thin on the ground.  A nice selection of Harry’s pics from last week and I hope to see him again very soon.