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My Bromley boys

Sorry yet again and it is still thanks to Windows 10 my blogging is way behind and a very short tip back yo UK to see my 34-year-old son get married on very proud and happy mum and dad but boy the weather up in the far north of the UK not good at all but back in the Keys nice and warm again.  So with the sage of Windows 10 and being told at a well know computer store to get the wrong new laptop  ( now on  number 2 ) it’s a shame that my oldest group of anglers My Bromley boys  Graham, Steve, John and Dave have missed out on web time sorry. As normal with them it’s so much more than the fishing and so it should be they are my number one banter crew and I just smile all the time.  Weather not perfect and our struggle with conditions but we fish ever day and Capt Mike even got them a four rod hook up at the Tuna grounds Mike is learning so fast cant praise enough.




John even tried and had success with a UK pike float rig that takes the bait on wind drift away from the boat and even against the tide and photos to prove it.  If you take the time to think about it the wind does take all the smells and good stuff away as much as the tide so it makes sense to have the wind take away a bait away as well, well  done John. Still more than impressed with Dave’s battle with that monster bull shark at near 500 lbs Dave at over 70 yes 70 had it all under control from start to finish at boat side top marks and old guys rule.  Waiting on some more photos from the guys so hopefully there will be a Bromley boys part two and yes I am still smiling.


DSC00447 (1)


One thing did happen on their trip species number 126 came to the boat but we are having to wait on an official ruling to see if it counts.  The problem yes the fish came to and on the boat but it was in the mouth of an other fish said poor pipe fish’s day was just not getting any better first eaten by a grouper and then dragged on to boat will keep the world informed.