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El Nino ?

A massive sorry for the lack of blogs but with the toughest start of the year weather wise since the frost of  09  yes we had a frost in the Keys and the move to the new Villa not as smooth as I hoped, but we are getting there but more to the point we are still catching and ticking boxes.  So is it El Nino or global warming or climate change not made my mind up yet but one thing is that it sucks.  Have to feel for poor Karen and Sam our first guys of 2016 they had to put up with rain, thunder and lightning, wind and cold in fact over their week the sea temps dropped a full 12 degrees on the coldest day the sea was just 56.  I have to give a full 10 out of 10 to the both of them they stuck at it and had some great fishing most of all I had to admire the lets just enjoy what we can catch, as fishing should be.


sov 3




I think the best day they had was when Capt Mike put them on a mess of Bluefish these are one group of fish that winter in the Keys from up north and dont mind the cold water at all.  Looking very like are UK bass but the difference is sett of teeth any piranha would be proud of best of all when you find them they are on the 24/7 feeding frenzy so it is smiles all round and a fish a chuck as a guy once said  ” just like UK lure fishing but with fish “.  Karen also up her PB from 100 lb to over 150 lb a stunning black tip shark and well done yet again Capt Mike this one was for an anchor rope wrap but with the Capt mike body roll  (  will have to get it on video  ) it was only ever coming to the boat.  So once again sorry for the weather but hope you have some good memories and please come back with a case of warm calm days.