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SKA Reflections

Still spinning after the weekend at Key West with the SKA event. After talking to Russell Weston of Snowbee on how their boat did it occured to both of us just how good these guy are.

To go out in these waters and target one type of predator and have such amazing success is unbelievable. A lot of you have been asking what happens to all the fish and there is a lot. Well after the scientists  have done their work all the fish is processed and given yes given away.

Back to Fish the Dream boat came out for bottom paint and gearbox service. One long and messy day rubbing down then strangely for us two wet days so no paint. I use VC offshore which i can burnish to a high gloss but at $180 a quart not to used with rain in the air.

My oldest fishing buddy and regular Brian are coming on Saturday and we are spending a week exploring new marks. Even though I 

have well over 100 marks it good to find new ones as i don’t like to explore with paying customers.