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When it gets tough

The saying goes when it gets tough the tough get going I have to give Ricard and Lolly Perry ten out if ten for doing just that last week on their Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys.  The one thing that still gets to me and I know it should not is the weather yes I know I am very lucky here in the Keys even with winds over 30 mph we can still go boat fishing and last week we did just that we found shelter on the lee side of the island and behind banks in the bay and at the channels at 7 mile bride.  Yes I was lucky as well that both Richard and Lolly just love catching fish of any size I have often said when you lose the joy of catching small fish you have lost so much. However when each morning you are greeted by 20 to 30 mph winds and looking at forecasts where there is no break and knowing that most of the near 300 marks in the GPS are going to be a no go it sucks.  At the end of their holiday with their big smiles as normal both Richard and Lolly said what a great time they both had and told me their tally for the four days of fishing was  26 species and total of 161 fish to the boat.





On a personal note this was a very special trip for me as well after all my heart problems of the summer I was not totally sure how it was going to go and in rough seas as well.  Well happy to report I was fine and having Capt Mike on board was a great success as well.  With his 100 ton licence his boating skills were never in question what did exceed my expectations was his people skills he is just a natural with our guests Ricard taking the time to tell me  ” you have found a top guy there just fantastic ” just the heart medicine I needed.  So rest assured Fish the Dream is going from strength to strength and with Mike aboard we will me offering even more holidays here in the Florida Keys where we will make your fishing dream come true.