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By catch

As you may or not know we use crabs for the tarpon at 7 mile bridge most old school guides still use mullet as there number one bait. So crab versus mullet, well mullet are a very good bait but in  my opinion have a few problems they are best when just caughtand as we go at 3 am you cant catch them. So they have to be caught the day before and need a big live well or pen to keep them in top condition. They need a strong tide to keep them on top of the water and also suffer form being a good bait for cuda and shark not what you want on a tarpon trip. Crabs can be found in most bait shops and will live all week in the live well. It always comes as a surprise to new anglers that a crab no more than 2 in across will catch a 150lb+ tarpon but they do and you can take them off the hooks to use the next day. The other thing is the by catch the other fish we seem to catch at 7 mile bridge on our little crabs is permit as they make there way to and from the spawning grounds. My last party of the last session was a group from my home area of Northumberland and the organizers son Jamie had on stunning trophy permit 23lb on a tarpon trip well done.