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Boat PB smashed

Its funny out here in the Florida Keys some days it doesnt go to plan but you still end up with a fantastic day. The other day this very much the case at the planning meeting it was the goliath groper wreck and the big on for Chris little did he know what was going to happen on the last day. At the wreck all baits out but it was a shark frenzy all the grouper hooks gone so it was a case of enjoy or move and when I told the guys the boat PB for shark was 32 it was game on.

Dave had the most including a bonnethaed shark these are not baby hammerhead but a true species and a gamy little fighter. Most of the shark were blacktip and spinner which are two different species. The spinner making many jumps during the fight in between the long hard runs.

A nice one for Chris and these fish come aboard with no problem I was shown how to do this some years ago and it always comes as a bit of a surprise to the angler after a very spirited fight. Well the numbers were mounting up and soon 32 was passed and still they kept coming. Kevin had the biggest on a live bait on a tarpon rod the line was just screaming of the reel and after 300yds had gone we had to mark the anchor and follow. A long drawn out fight started but Kevin had this one beat and after nearly 1.25 miles a 120lb blacktip was released by the boat.

Well the new boat PB is 48 shark to the leader or landed and this was with just 3 anglers, me thinks this will stand for sometime. No grouper but a boat load of happy but very tired anglers.