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Bans work

A few weeks ago my neighbour over the canal shouted hey Rodney my new boat has come with a bit of paper with 30 new marks would you like a copy? Silly question who doesn’t want new marks. So with all the new numbers in the GPS it has been an exploring week with Martin and Brian. The strong northerly winds have kept us in the bay but most of the new marks are fishing very well. One has to realize that one trip to a mark is never going to let you know how it fishes as tides make a huge difference. The key to any new mark is what type of ground it is or is it a man made wreck, with the side scan sett to about 100ft we can now see very quickly whats there.

Two of the new marks have yeilded keeper grouper these fish have benefited from new regs from the Fish and Wildlife Commision who last year imposed a total ban on keeping all grouper Jan to April. Yes there were lots of local moans but it has made a big difference to keeper numbers and when stocks can take it the seasons will change. As I have said they have got it so right over here and yes this one Brian is holding was kept and tasted out of this world and all others were put back

With the big run of autumn mackerel have come the sharks. Top fun sharks are the blacktip and spinner, these fish do it all jump crazy high, spin in the air and run as if they have to take all the line of every reel. Why o why they never give up and some times they are harder work at the boat than away from it. Some one once said they are the poor mans game fish, poor man I am not sure but game fish YES.