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Welcome home ?

Back in the UK for our Christmas break it was a bit surreal after having an other calm hurricane season in the Florida Keys to arrive back at Edinburgh airport during the worst storm in ten years. The highlands recorded winds over 165 mph even at low levels the tay bridge had a 106 mph gust. We had winds to 90 mph some 15 mph greater than a cat 1 hurricane much damage I am sure you have seen it all on the TV.  It is still amazing one plane trip it is all so different getting on the plane at Miami the weather had been typical early winter for Florida high 70s and low 80s to the UK cold wet and windy such is life. Our second day even stranger the winds have gone and after a very cold night -5  woke up to 6in snow just the weather gods letting me know where I was.

Don’t get me wrong I look forwards to this trip it is nice to see all my children three, and all my grandkids three, as well and all the cold lets me know just how lucky I am to do what I do.The Florida Keys is just a special place and after all the years I have grown to love it dearly. But to me the biggest kick I get is making peoples dreams come true, to plan, to go and to catch is just so good it still gives me a very special feeling. Just go back through my blog and look at peoples faces you will see what I mean.

Back here getting ready for an other year in Florida please please if you have any questions about our fishing holidays just get in touch email or call 01668 216173  Yes I love to talk fishing and now is a good time gets me out of wrapping presents and I know I can make your dreams come true.  As one guest said recently it is not what I imagined its so much better he had just had a 300lb+ grouper.  Go on get in touch you know it makes sense.