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Florida Keys facts

At least the snow has gone and its warmed up to 4 all my friends in the Keys email and say WHY I must say each winter it gets harder to come home for Christmas but still think the UK tops it just. I have been getting a lot of emails from people asking very basic Florida Keys questions before they book a fishing holiday so will blog a few facts. Firstly you WILL catch whenever you come we are very lucky in the Keys with a massive list of sports fish, no commercial fishing and a very heavily controlled regulations all designed to sport fishermen happy. Weather is not a problem either and with all the different locations to fish will will always find somewhere to fish and have had fish over 100lb deep in the mangroves with it blowing crazy in the open water. I like to tell people you can divide the weather mainly into two seasons with a few months over lap. The winter season when temps are in the mid to high 70s   25 to 28 ish and dryer about 1 in rain a week. To the summer season up to the high 80s  30 to 35 and a lot wetter up to 5 in a week and a lot more humid. It is worth noting the Keys has never had a temp over 100 being surrounded by water it probably never will. The hurricane season starts 1st June and goes on till November 30th peaking august we have been very lucky for the last 4 years and long may it continue. Next question what will I catch and when is the best time. Most fish can be caught at all times but certain fish will peak at certain times we have now caught 107 different species and our on week record stands at 55. The one exception to this rule is the big 100lb + tarpon. We only see big numbers or these fish as they migrate and spawn and pass through the Keys April may and June yes we will catch the first in march and have had them in july but it is not really worth the effort.

Tarpon tend to get under peoples skin and many people think they are the ultimate game fish. Hard to catch, jump, run, and when over 100lb just look amazing. Pemit spawn on the offshore wrecks for a very short time in may and just have to fished for to believe it many think they pull the hardest of any game fish.

Mackerel peak in the winter months as do sailfish but we have had some very big sailfish in may and mackerel in September. Shark, grouper, snapper, barracuda, rays, jacks and all the many other fish just feed in different areas as the seasons change. One thing is certain your dreams will come true whenever you come.