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Mac on fly

We are very lucky in the Florida Keys as most bait shops have a fantastic range of live baits and I am sorry the best imitation of a shrimp is a live shrimp, crab a live crab and so on. Not only does a live bait look like the live thing because it is, but it smells like it and taste like it to. You can see where this is going that lovely band of fluff chuckers or fly fishermen. We at Fish the Dream fishing holidays get very few fly fishermen but they are all welcome. At the moment we have Joe and his friends and from what I have seen on his first day Joe is very proficient with the fly rod and in far from ideal conditions was rewarded with some fine fish on the fly.

Best today was a very hard fighting spanish mackerel the take and the runs are hard enough to control on normal rods so its no mean feat to do this on a fly rod. It was tough day but again its the magic of the Florida Keys that we can take shelter behind a bank some 15 miles out in the bay and put together a good day with mackerel, blue fish, snapper, grouper and small shark