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Noth sea tope

Back here for our summer break from the Florida Keys it has been great at last to meet up with Rupert Drury. Rupert shares my passion with shark and shark fishing, in the Florida Keys we are spoilt with shark. Our boat PB weight was Lee Jasper’s hammerhead at well over 1000 lbs and pulled his  string for over 2 hrs. Boat PB for numbers in one day is now 68 and the guys were totally wrecked and had to stop. Here in the UK and up here where I live we are not so lucky but Rupert is one of a very small group who have had porbeagle in the north sea. We had one go last year and maybe had one pick up but will be back out again this year. On getting back to the UK Rupert emailed me, how about a go for the tope in my new boat. Well it must be nearly 20 years since I have had a tope so the answer was just let me know and I will be there. Well yesterday I made the drive to Rupert’s and we took his Warrior boat with a 130 hp Honda and launched near Hornsea into the less than perfect north sea not a place that springs to mind when you talk about tope fishing. Mackerel were a bit tough to find but with half a bucket full and the weather not any better it was off to one of his tope marks. Well with the rods out it was the waiting game then my rod tip went round and with the drag screaming it was fish on and fun it was the Snowbee 12lb deep blue rod had it beat and what a fish near if not over 60 lb stunning.

We went to boat 4 and lost just 1 in just a few hours, Rupert had the big one and after taking the measurements this fish worked out at 71 lb .  This does go to show if you look and do something a bit out of the box you might just be surprised. The memories came flooding back of days in Luce Bay where you expect to get tope and I have had many. These fish were a lot darker but in fantastic condition as you can see now we just have to plan the porbeagle trip and many thanks Rupert.