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The camera never lies ?

As I have said many times I am no photographer and my english is rubbish but what I do with this blog is try to give a feel of the fishing in the Florida Keys and show what happens on our fishing holiday’s. This year I have tried to upgrade the photos and purchased a Nikon P500 this has a wide optical lens 22.5-810 and a 36 x zoom for the guys who know. After watching Henry Gilbey taking shots on my boat now for many years I have been trying to upgrade my style as well. Never will I get close to Henry but I think they are getting a bit better. I also have been learning a few tricks one is to push the fish towards the camera and try to get the front hand out of the shot. On Kevins last holiday we were having a blast with small jacks these fish just nail anything and the sight of a shoal of fish surfing to hit a topwater lure just amazing. In fact I have seen anglers casting away from the fish just to watch them surf as a pack to get the lure. Also it is not uncommon to get two on the same lure as the other jack tries to take the bait out of the hooked fish’s mouth. The other bonus with jacks they are a top bait whole ones for grouper and cut sharks food wise they are ok but hot smoked like kippers but with no bones.

Back to Kevin’s day so we decided to see just how big we could make it look and the fish in the photo is just a few pounds but I think you will agree it looks a lot bigger. So next time you see a photo of a big fish just look for the front hand and see if the fish is being pointed to the camera. So does the camera lie you bet but it makes a cool pic !