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When catching bait is fun

The other day in less than perfect conditions, yes it can happen even in the Florida Keys we ended up taking shelter on an ocean flat. As I have said before these shallow flats just take the wave action off and remain very fishable even on windy days. The chum had brought some small jacks and one was followed by small blacktip shark. Now Tom and Cav were on a light tackle trip but I suggested that even shark were fun on light tackle so they gave it ago. We also had ladyfish in the chum and it was these fish that really brought the smiles. For their size they pull very hard and jump high and often bringing on their local name poor mans tarpon. For shark they are a top bait and in local shark comps some guys will butterfly up to 20 fish and say this brings even more shark than chum.

Nearly all our fish went back to bring smiles to other anglers Tom used one for bait and yes he caught a shark on light tackle and yes it was fun. All this goes to prove a few things, if the weather is bad just find some where to fish and more important match the hatch with the catch. Here in the Florida Keys it is one big food chain and it is just what point you want to get in it with a fishing rod. If catching the bait is fun enough for you then enjoy as they say, if you want to wait it out for the big one then so be it.