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Stunning new reel

I am testing and evaluating a new reel for Snowbee UK the reel is a totally new make to the market being made by Release Reels in the USA. The first thing that grabs you about the reel is the handle firstly it does not take a good photo but in the hand it just works. The guys at Release just worked with putty to come up with the perfect handle and that after nearly 40 years of using fishing reels is what they have done in my opinion. They have set the retrieve at a high speed of 6.1 giving 38 in of line retrieve per rotation just perfect for all sorts of fishing. As with nearly all reels now the drag is a proprietary design carbon one giving a smooth and consistent drag, we will see very soon what the shark think of that my drag testing team here in the Florida Keys. The bearings are a mix of ceramic and stainless again  Release has found that in certain places ceramic is far better to deal with salt than stainless. The gears are again stainless and have been made for light weight but with no flex also Release have patented a new reverse gear box design. The entire reel is 100 % CNC machined from certified billet aluminium and stainless to very high tolerances.

After starting out production in the far east Relese soon took the desion to bring it all back to the USA and now the reel is 100 % designed machined and assembled in Virginia USA. Have a look at the reel bridges by shaping them the small reel has a line capacity of an amazing 500 yds of 50 lb braid enough and more for any fishing in the UK. An other nice touch is that preset drag is indexed to allow you to keep total control of all drag setting. To my mind and best of all the reel has a life time warranty after talking to the guys at Release by the way it is a very small team all who are fish nuts with passion they are that sure of their reel. So what will it cost I am not sure but I think all in the UK will have a pleasant surprise when Snowbee come up with the UK price. With Snowbees customer care and after market handling I am sure this could be a match made in heaven and with new reels including a fly reel in the pipeline one to watch !