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Snowbee’s week

What a week the boys from Snowbee have had weather wise mixed to say the least, the first two days as calm as I have ever seen glass in the bay on our gulf wrecks then the same nearly 30 miles offshore on the tuna grounds.  Boxes were being ticked as fast as any party I have ever had and Russell was over the moon with his products he was testing in the world of real fish, last out here then you know you have a winner. Both the new Deep Blue multiplier and the Kuroshio spinning reels were the stars of show I will let you know when both are on the market. Then the weather gods decided we were having it to easy so the wind started to blow and I mean blow up to 30 mph yes we can still fish but for fly fishermen nearly a no go and I felt for Russell who had a day on a flats boat to try for bone fish in all fairness no chance also felt for their guide.

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So the last day came round as is normal all to quickly when you are on a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys and the winds had dropped a bit and it was just ok in the bay and the guys just wanted to get back on the wrecks.  First stop was a bank some 5 miles from the best wreck but I knew this bank would take the worst of the seas down and normally has so good fish and bait so a good first stop.  Russell had a fine near 100 lb black tip and was more than impressed with my spiral guide rod I would love to get this rod into production it just works so well and with some help from Snowbee it might happen.  Then I had a very hard fighting lemon shark in the 200 lb range on a medium spinning rods while trying to get grouper for tea, always fun a big fish on a small rod. Then we finished up on two wrecks where we all had fun, Russell even ticked the box cobia on fly and even I was surprised how aggressive the take was and I had a stunning jack on a 15 lb line at one stage nearly 100 yds out from the hook up.  I hope you have been watching this week on Snowbee uk ltd  face book page as Russell said on his last post ” awesome last day and we will be back ” any time boys blast fishing with you.